In Shop Services

Some jobs take bit more time. If you need a laptop repair, virus removal, or help with tricky operating system issue, we have flat rate repairs at our shop on Milwaukee Avenue. Need a screen replacement or have a power issue? We can usually get you an estimate in one business day. Running late? If you let us know, we can usually have someone meet you after hours at our shop. We have a very personal style of customer service and have gotten to know many of our customers over the years.

Northside Tech Support Office Northside Tech Support Shop Workstation

Software Issues

  • Virus removal
  • Operating system problems
  • Troubleshoot application issues
  • Application installation


Ann McCabe of Northside Tech Support removing hard drive from laptop
  • Memory upgrades
  • Startup problems
  • AC adapter repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Motherboard replacement

Desktop computers

  • Memory upgrades
  • Startup issues
  • Power supply replacement
  • Hard disk drive migration and replacement
  • Video and other card installations
  • Motherboard replacement

Kevin Drew of Northside Tech Support disassembling desktop PC

Data Recovery

  • Memory upgrades
  • Transfer data from working hard drives
  • Recover formatted or re-partitioned drives
  • Recover data from non-working drives

Computer Recycling

  • Defense Department grade data erasure
  • Refreshing and preparing computers for charitable gifting